save .scriv files to usb stick, open in different computers


Is it ok to copy the .scriv folders to a usb stick, then use work on those files with two different computers: (linux mint) home desktop and road (linux mint) laptop?

I’m just checking because I don’t want to bork my files. :slight_smile: Didn’t know if this was SOP or not.

thanks for any advice.


NOOOoooooo! Don’t do it! You wouldn’t try and transfer an MS Word document between computers, would you?!

Why do people always demand the impossible?!

The newspapers need to educate people about the severe dangers in copying files! Data loss! Political corruption! Death!


Just make sure you copy the entire Scrivener project file.

thanks Garpu. I originally copied the entire folder straight in, but got a few error messages. But when I zipped the folder, then moved it over it worked fine.

Odd… You can save yourself a step if you’re already in Scrivener by using File->Backup->Backup to…

It offers the option to zip up the backup copy, and you can point it at the usb stick so you don’t have to move any files.

Good idea about backing up to zip.

Just did some more testing. The older 1.6.xx version of Scrivener for Linux I was using added some “” backslashes in some of the directory names and Linux wouldn’t copy them over. Bad filename.

The new 1.7.2.x version does not add the backslashes when creating new filenames. Yay!

Everything seems to work fine after I dump the empty filename + \ directories. Scrivener just creates another directory without the .

I use bitsync to create a shared folder between multiple computers which is where I keep all my Scrivener projects. Works pretty well.

I store my Scrivener Project in a folder I sync with DropBox. I’ve never had an issue. I’m able to use any of my computers with Scrivener installed to work on my novel.