Save using iCloud when not using Scrivener iOS app?


just a short question: Is it safe to use iCloud as save destination without the known and feared problems if I only use this to have access to my Scrivener projects on two Macs? Or is this not recommended at all, in any case? I’m not 100% sure if this is a specific problem when also using Scrivener on iOS or not – to be honest, I used Scrivener projects between two Macs, saved in an iCloud folder, for years without any problems. Once it is completely synced, it should – in my understanding – exist as a perfect duplicate on my other computer, too.

Would love to be able to not open my Dropbox client in the background anymore as Scrivener is the last reason I still use it – if really a risk, though, to use iCloud, I guess I’ll have to stick with it …

Thanks in advance, Merry Christmas!

Yes. I do this for Projects, Backups, and Scratchpad.

Yes, this is fine.

Please read this article, on best practices to avoid synchronization errors with any cloud service: … c-services


Thanks a lot for the answer and Merry Christmas!

One other caveat: Turn off “Optimize Mac Storage.” This feature is a known corrupter of Scriv projects. To be sure it’s off, in System Preferences, click on iCloud, then click on the “Options…” button next to iCloud Drive. The “Optimize Mac Storage” checkbox should be NOT TICKED.

Hope this helps!

Definitely have this option turned off as I don‘t want to use it in any case. Thanks for the additional hint though, appreciated!