Save when Scrivener for iOS comes out

Planning to get Scrivener for iOS as soon as it comes out?

Then you might want to get discounted iTunes credit in advance for the purchase. Quite regularly, retailers offer iTunes cards—good for apps as well as music—in various amounts for prices that are from 15% or more off the retail value, i.e. a $50 card for $40.

One of the best ways to spot those deals is on dealnews:

You can even set up an email alert for that or any other deal that interests you:

That discount won’t cost Keith & his hard-working team a penny. It comes out of the 30% that Apple shares with card retailers. Works also for purchases of Scrivener for Mac from the App Store.

Discounts are common now because of the holidays, but they’re not always available. Buying in advance means you can order as soon as Scrivener for iOS comes out.