saved compiling options

I need to give a potential agent the first 50 pages of a manuscript. I have the manuscript compile option set to compile the whole manuscript, which has many chapters/subchapters. It seems as if there can be only one ‘custom’ compile, and I have used it, or I could save a custom profile for the 50 pages.
What’s the best way to get the first 50 pp out in good form for an agent? Uncheck the 75 or so subparts beyond 50 pages? Select the subparts that comprise the 50 pages & export?

You can save your custom compile presets. There’s a “Manage…” button in the lower left of the expanded compile dialogue that lets you do that. Then you can always get back to those compile settings, and even access them from other projects.

But if you just want to send the first 50 pages, you can compile for print, and then select the page range 1-50 (or maybe 51, depending on title page and your page numbering), and then select the PDF button to save that to a file that can be emailed. If you have to have it in a different format, I think it might be easier to just compile to a file, open it in the appropriate program, and delete everything after page 50 (SHIFT-End should select everything from where your cursor is to the end of the document in a word processor).

Thanks. Probably should have thought of just printing the first 50. Simple is good. Also, that waythe whole thing will look the same as the first 50. I was tied into knots because I had gone to compile for PDF from compile for Print.

If you had a complete manuscript in pdf format, the Preview app lets you display pages in a side-bar; from there you can select page 51, scroll to the bottom and SHIFT-click on the last page and then delete. Save that and send it. You can also cut pages and paste them into a new PDF file if you want.