Saved format + filters in compiling

This has taken me the longest time to figure out. It is a bug, but it is weird!

Step 1. Set up a compile. Set all the Formatting options that you like. Choose the folder you want to compile (say Folder 1) and use a filter (eg, “label is Red”). Now save the settings with the “Save…” button. Do the compile.

Step 2. Open the compile window, change the folder to be compiled (say Folder 2) and change the filter (eg, “label is Blue”). Do the compile.

Step 3. Now, open the compile window. The Format As will be showing the saved settings from Step 1. The filter and folder to be compiled will be showing the values from Step 2. This all seems correct.

Step 4. Now change the filter, change the folder to be compiled.

Step 5. Now go to the Formatting panel and change some compile settings (like the font). Now (staying in the Formatting panel), choose the saved settings from the “Format As” menu to revert the formatting changes you made.

Go to Contents panel. The folder chosen and the filter will be the values Step 2 (or Step 3), not the values of Step 4.

This behavior is very unintuitive, and having the selection changed “behind one’s back” is annoying.

Either the Format As should save the selection and the filter (not a good idea), or choosing the Format As should never change the selection and the filter. But having it change the selection and filter to “the ones I used in the previous compile” is very unintuitive.



Hmm, which build are you using (check the number in brackets after the “2.0” in the “About” panel via Scrivener > About). This was a bug that was in the version on the day of release, but I quickly fixed it and it should be one of the bugs that get fixed in the 2.0.1 update. If your build is lower than 6023, try re-downloading and re-installing.

Version 6227

Oh wait, basically all you’re saying is that choosing “Formatting As” changes the filter and contents, right? Okay, yes, that is a minor bug and probably shouldn’t happen. I’ll add it to the list.

Well, I think it is a minor bug and definitely shouldn’t happen. Good luck with 2.1!

Are we really going to quibble over semantics? :slight_smile: