Saved perspectives

What would be useful is the ability to save the view of a project, or indeed several views of the same project that can be recalled from a menu. This is something implemented in the beta version of Omnifocus for those familiar with it. If you are not then I will try to explain:

I have an ‘editing’ view of a project with the binder on the left, editor in the middle and inspector on the right. I also have a corkboard view which shows the index card view (the synopses) of the project and nothing else, no binder, no inspector.

What I would like to do is to easily flick between them by choosing a saved view of each.

Knowing Scrivener this facility already exists but I don’t know about it!

Dear Tripper,

For what it is worth, here is how I get about in Scrivener:

I have found that I cmd-opt-F, cmd-opt-I, cmd-opt-B work very naturally to quickly get any view I want. (I have Corkboard–as oppoed to Outline–set as the default view for containers, so I don’t need any key command to get corkboard views.)

I did make two key-combination macros (using QuicKeys) that I use to faciliate work on the fairly small screeen of my laptop. Basically, I never want to have both the binder and the inspector open at the same time, so I programmed cmd-opt-left-arrow to usher out the binder and usher in the inspector; and cmd-opt-right-arrow to do the opposite.

With these combinations, all the views I use are in easy reach by a keystroke.