Saved-Search Collections & View Modes


When I create a saved-search Collection, for example I do a search for the keyword “John Gets Drunk,” then choose “Save Search as Collection,” I have a Collection of all scenes when John gets drunk. Let’s say I name this Collection “Drunken John.”

If I select “Drunken John” and am in Document View, what appears in the central pane are not the documents that are in the Collection, but actually the scene that is currently selected in the binder (which is not visible).

And if I click on Corkboard View, nothing appears in the central pane.

It’s only if I click on the curved "forward"arrow to the left of the “Drunken John” Collection (The tool tip says: “Show the contents of the current list in the current editor”), do the correct documents or Corkboard cards appear in the central pane.

This feels unintuitive.

I suggest that the default be that if you have your saved-search Collection selected that the documents that are in that Collection appear in the central pane when in Document view, and that the cards appear there when in Corkboard view. Instead of having to click on that arrow for this to happen.

FYI, once you figure it out, this feature is great. You can read in the central pane just the scenes when Joe gets drunk. You just scroll and read the scenes one after another in a flow. And see just the cards and notes of these collected scenes in the Corkboard view. Very cool.

You could use this for much more interesting things. Say you put a keyword on every scene in which two people take another step toward falling in love. You call it “Love Advances”. Then you create a saved-search Collection of scenes with that keyword – you can read each scene of your characters on that journey one right after the other in the central pane.

Great stuff.