Saved search folders should co-exist with Binder Pane

Current behavior:
– Saved search folder icons are in the binder pane.
– In order to execute a saved search, one must double-click the search folder. The search folder opens and reveals the results of the search, taking over the Binder pane.

Desired behavior:
– Saved searches should operate similar to how they behave in the Max OS finder, by single-clicking.
– Clicking once on a saved search folder will bring up the results of the search in the main pane at right.

With the desired behavior, users can execute searches, and then drag-and-drop the resulting “cards” into an appropriate drafts folder. There is currently no way to mimic this behavior, as far as I now.

This is already done for 2.0. No need for so much underlining, by the way, I can read fine. :wink:
All the best,

Here I was, thrilled to discover the saved search text for character, setting and object notes: with the editor split, one-click shows the character profile beside the draft, two-clicks and the binder pane shows all related documents beside the character profile and the draft. What happens to the text, synopsis, label, notes, etc. features of saved searches if the editor pane displays the results instead? Without these, the saved search seems little more, and perhaps less, than a keyword search. The only feature I desire is the ability to drop those saved “searches” into folders for a little more organization.

Here’s how: select items in saved search, click corkboard, Select All (CMD+A), click the X on the bottom right corner of the binder pane, drag-and-drop cards as desired.

Perhaps it’s too late/complicated, but what if the saved search opened in a pane of the binder? This would simplify the drag-and-drop and enhance the saved-search-text feature.

Be rest assured, the next version will have a vastly improved mechanism and will, I think, address the types of activities you are looking for here. :slight_smile: