Saved search for .scriv

Hello everyone :smiley:

A while ago I decided to set up a smart folder in my Finder that included all Scrivener projects on my computer. To do that I created a search for all files ending in “.scriv”. So far so good, it definitely does work, but it is not very fast. The default smart folders for files I used today or yesterday are really fast in comparison. Does anybody know a way to improve the speed of that search? I was thinking about maybe searching only in my Documents folder, but I was not able to find out how I can achieve that.

Cheers to you. :slight_smile:

The easiest way to constrain a search by location is to first go there with the Finder and then press Cmd-F to create a new search. This will give you the option to search by “Documents” instead of “This Mac”. That should speed things up.

Might I ask why you wouldn’t just move all the files to one folder? If that is not possible, why not just create links to all scriv files in one folder?


Thank you so much, that did the trick for me. It’s almost instantaneous now. :smiley:


Your suggestion is a neat solution as well. I just must admit that my file structure might be a bit messy. I am also using Scrivener mainly for writing academic papers. So I create a folder for each class I take and one Scrivener project file for each paper I have to write in that folder. Additionally I have a few projects I use for general ideas, fiction ideas, blog ideas etc. Since the folder structure in my file system tends to be very deep I thought it might be neat to have a smart folder in the left column of my Finder (always forget what it’s called) with all my .scriv files in it. Ambers tip actually gave me the perfect solution, but I also should think about a better structure of my file system in general I guess. :confused:
Wasn’t there a post around here on how people structured their systems? Maybe I should dig that one up and do some restructuring…

Thank you :slight_smile: