Saved Searches Organization

I adore saved searches, and use them like an addict loves his or her addiction of choice. As a result, I have three dozen plus saved searches in the binder.

My binder would feel more lighthearted if I could collect them into a single “Saved Searches” folder, or better still a single level of subfolders inside a Saved Searches folder. Pushing a idea for all its worth, if you’re in the mood to make all my dreams come true, let me put them into any folder I please. Truthfully, though, in the spirit of minimalism, a simple Saved Searches folder would declutter the binder quite nicely.


This one has come up before, and I know Keith explained with a good technical reason why saved searches couldn’t be moved around like normal binder items (it was left as something which may be done in a future 2.0 release, but unlikely to make it into 1.x, I believe).

I’m not sure if just having their own folder is included in this or not, but I think it may have been suggested also, and so may have had its own technical difficulties related to it… Keith?