Saving a Collection to file or similar

I want to copy a Saved Search Collection to a text file (or a PDF or even a printer) but can’t find a way of doing this from within Scrivener.

I think the way to do this is to compile it.

Yes, compiling is your best option for creating a file out of all of the text in a search result or collection. To do so, click the blue arrow button in Compile to show all settings, and in the “Contents” pane, use the group selector at the top to click on the collection of your choice (you may have to scroll the menu down a bit if the draft is large, they will be at the bottom). The main list will be replaced with the contents of your saved search collection. You can either print from here, use PDF, or just save it to a text file in the format you desire.

Thanks AmberV.
I realized halfway through my post that although compiling was indeed the way, I had no idea how to explain how to do it. :blush:

Thanks to both of you. Scrivener has many highways and byways, so it seems.