Saving a font as part of a layout

I use one layout where I need a smaller than usual font to display the outliner. Am I right in supposing that at the moment there is not a way to save a particular font as part of a layout (in the layout manager)? If not, are there any plans to include this functionality in the future?

(Of course I realise I can change the font in Preferences, but I want to avoid the inconvenience of changing back and forth when I need to use this particular layout).

Layouts only store the settings that a project window can have made to it. Appearance settings like fonts, colours and anything else in Tools/Options are not a part of a layout. You can save settings to a file and later import them, but it’s a separate tool. That will be cleaned up in time—with a full settings preset menu as well as “theme” presets, which would probably suit this particular thing you’re doing here. So at a minimum you’d choose your layout and then choose your theme.