saving a project in a different template

I’ve been writing a manuscript that is fairly long now. I decided to save it in the fiction template. I chose that action but it seems that the features I want in the fiction template haven’t come through–such as “characters.” What am I missing? revrafa

When you use “Save as Template”, you are creating a new template that you can use in the future, not changing the existing project. So, what you will find is that if you now go to File > New Project, you will find a new template under “Fiction” which will essentially be a copy of your project - if you create a new project from that template, it will be a copy of your existing project. The “Save As Template” feature is for creating your own templates.

There is no way to convert an existing project to a template format, since project templates contain rudimentary structures and settings, so it would be impossible to take an existing project with any possible structure and translate that into the set-up of another template.

Instead, what I suggest you do is create a new project from the template you want, and then drag in the character sheets and suchlike that you want, and set up a templates folder in your existing project.

All the best,

Many thanks! That’s a great help! revrafa :slight_smile: