Saving a second copy to work from

Upon completion of my first draft, I’d like to keep it intact and create a “saved as new title” draft to actually edit. I don’t see a “save as” option. Is the best way just to “backup draft” to my desktop and rename it?

Given that you are wanting to create a draft version of a single project, might it be a better option to just duplicate the Draft in Scrivener and then re-name the copy to “First Draft”? That way you have everything right in front of you in Scrivener instead of in a bunch of different projects.

If you really want to have lots of project files for a single project, though, just use the Backup function in the File menu. That will generate identical copies with whatever name you like. By default it uses date-stamps, so a lot of people just leave it alone and generate copies that way. Note that with the zip function turned on, it will take a little longer, but save drive space.

Is there a way to put the duplicate draft in a separate binder rather than leaving it in the same one? (I didn’t find the way to duplicate because I was looking under the File window rather than the Document window.)

I don’t know if this would work for you, but if I am looking at a radically revised second draft I move the content of the draft folder into the research folder, them start writing the second draft from scratch, but using the split view to keep the first draft in sight.


MrGruff, that might work. I’m worried about having them both in the binder, fearing I’ll start working on the wrong one and end up with a mess. That’s why I thought having a separate binder or project might work better.

Thank you.

You could duplicate your project in the Finder and rename it to “your project draft 1” or something like that. Then you will have two completely independent projects but you still have the option to drag items from one opened project into the other (or even into a third one).

I’m not sure if I would work like that but maybe it fits your workflow.

That’s exactly what AmberV was suggesting - File > Backup To is like Save As except you continue working on the original rather than the copy. It just copies the entire project to another file (zipping it up if you choose).

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Thank you, Keith. I was asking if there was a way to export a duplicate of the document itself w/o the research files into a new binder.

However, I have plenty of room on my hard drive so it’s not really a problem having them duplicated, as well.

Thanks to all.

You would have to open up the copy project you generate and clear out everything not in the manuscript folder. But again, duplicating the Draft and storing it in the Binder of the original shouldn’t be too much of a hassle. Consider this:

If you close off that “Old Revisions” folder, it looks like:

Because regular folders do not have the special Draft icon, it is pretty easy to see which is the most recent, current working area. It would pretty hard to accidentally end up in the first draft version.

Thank you so much, Amber. I truly appreciate this illustration.

Rather than have multiple draft folders in one Scrivener project, I routinely have two or more projects, say “version 1” and one “version 2”, open side by side. The newer project usually starts as a blank and I drag pieces from the binder of the older project as needed. Both Scrivener projects reside in single Finder folder, along with references and other associated files.

Yes, dragging from one to the other seems an easy approach. Thank you!