Saving a View (with Layouts?)

I use one file to save all my projects. Currently I am working on one of them, and I like how I’ve set up the editors. If I close Scrivener, I know that it will open to exactly the set up I currently have. Is there a way for me to save this ‘view’?

I want to save it because I want to work on another project before I close Scrivener. After I finish working on the second project, I would probably want to save that set up as well because it helps me to remember where I left off with the second project.

Does Layouts do this job? I have experimented with them before but may be I did not understand their function and did not stick with them.

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You can use Layouts to save the entire setup of the window (the window size, whether the binder and inspector are open, their sizes, the split view size, and so on), but Layouts don’t save the document you are currently looking at - they just save the UI state in terms of what UI elements are visible and their sizes. It sounds as though Layouts might do what you want, though, if I understand correctly.

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I do want to keep the content in the editors that I last used. Is that possible in any way?

I tried working on my second project and then go back to the layout I saved earlier for the first project, but, as you note, layouts did not keep the content, only the editors (horizontal vs vertical and a copyholder open on the left, etc.).