saving all "finds" in a large document

I’m searching for all references to one person in a very large document. Let’s say the person’s name is George.
I can search for “George” references one by one and select and highlight them in scriviner, but
Is it possible to search for ALL references to George in the document and then save all “finds” in a list or on a. page with indications as to where the find occurred? Like you can in Word?

You could add them to a Collection (called “George”, if you like).

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2021-03-18 at 1.50.21 PM.jpg[/attachment]

I’ve created a collection and added all the search results
But EACH result shows a text which contains many pages.
Is there no way to see the CONTEXT in which the search result occurs, or do I have to page thru each text batch and create a card or whatever. for each and every reference?

In other words. Search for word “mother”
there’s a result in the text named “Leaving New York.”
No way to see: “My mother dragged me around the park on the sled.” ?

The Quick Search bar at the top of the Scrivener window shows a bit of context.

You might also consider breaking the project down into smaller chunks.


Thanks Katherine. Most are in small chunks, but some are way too long!

Documents → Split is the single most useful command in Scrivener, IMO.