Saving an entire outline

I finished the first draft of a screenplay (in record time, I might add, thanks to Scrivener!) and I am about to start dealing with a pile of producer’s notes.

I would like to go back into the 90 or 100 index cards that I created on Scrivener (in my Binder) and use them as the basis for a new outline. That will mean creating many new cards, deleting many old cards and generally scrambling everything around a great deal.

But I would also like to keep some record of the original order, with all the old information still attached (scenes, project notes, etc).

I realize I could print the entire thing out. But is there a way to save it – within Scrivener – and then use the cards as a starting point for my new outline?

How about Documents > Duplicate?

(You need to select the Draft folder in the Binder first.)