Saving and editing across more than 1 device...

Hello! I’m an author from Texas and I’m excited to have discovered this software!
I’ve attempted to find something specifically about saving/editing on different devices but came up empty. Maybe I searched for the wrong terminology for this subject? But is it possible to save and edit the same outline across two devices (computer desktop and laptop)? I’m assuming the Export function is needed for this, but will it will maintain the most recent outline structure this way or will it get all “wonky” when opening it up on another computer?
Thanks in advance for any directions and help!
Author from Texas.

If you have Scapple on both devices, you don’t need the Export function. Just use Windows Explorer to locate the file and transfer it to the other computer by any convenient method.

(Unlike a Scrivener project, a Scapple board is a single file. This means that it can be emailed, transferred via a cloud service, or whatever without needing any particular precautions.)