Saving and renaming a project

I want to start afresh on my novel using a copy of my work while also retaining the original project. In other words I want to save EVEREYTHING as is but under a new name so I can make changes. How can I rename my project and keep everything as is? In MS Word I would simply use ‘save as’ and give it a new name.

Instead of a Save As-command, just duplicate the project file in Finder.

Simply find your project file in Finder, select it and press CMD-D or choose “Duplicate” from the File-meny in Finder. Then rename one of the files “myProject_old.scriv” and the other to whatever you want your current project to be…


Or use Backup To… That will make a backup of your whole project. I hope to add Save As in the next update; the way Scrivener saves makes it more complicated than for most apps.

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Another way to “copy” something is hold down the OPTION button while dragging something in the finder.

So if you OPTION + DRAG a SCR file you now have a copy…

another is select a document/file/folder/app

COPY then go into another folder and hit PASTE and you now have a copy as well…