saving appearance preferences

Hi there,

I’ve spent a lot of time, today and in the past, setting up appearances for different types of projects–colors, mainly. There are projects I tend to spend more time in than others, and I get a lot of migraines, so I like to take whites and blues out of the page for some projects, even if changing screen colors is mainly psychological in impact. Anyway, resetting colors seems to take a lot of time because so often the changes I make don’t seem to hold. I go back and the colors that I set to say, 170, 7, 80 are now 168, 6, 79. Or they reset to the default even though yesterday I worked in them all day in a desert shade and named the theme as a preset and everything seemed fine. Or if I set the binder one color and then set the editor on a lighter shade of that, when I go back to the editor it has reset itself to some different variation along that spectrum. It takes a lot of back and forth and sometimes when I come back another day to the pre-saved theme, it is now on still a different variation, albeit minor.

Is this a known bug? Should I be posting in the bug hunt area? It’s definitely a time sink!

Mac OS X 9.5, Scrivener

Are you doing the changes in Preferences or in an active document?

I am in an active document, going to Scrivener Preferences, and then making the changes. Probably there’s a whole other way of doing this that’s faster and makes a lot more sense; there usually is.

But here’s how I’ve been working. In Preferences, say I’ve reset the text background color to 25, 22, 100. I move to notes background, and set it to 25, 22, 95. Suddenly the text background looks different, and I go back and it’s now 26, 22, 98. So I reset it again, and I go to index card background and set that to 25, 22, 95 (I’m always surprised that “background” doesn’t mean the actual card, but only means the title bar), and now the notes background looks different, and it turns out this is now at 25, 22, 90, so I reset that, and now the text is back at 26, 22, 98. Eventually, after a lot of back and forth, it’s all the way the way I want (and the binder color may have shifted itself around, too), and I save the whole thing as a preset.


Except when I call it up again the next time I want to use it, the colors may have shifted again, and the text background may be at, say 24, 22, 98 or something. At which point, I may just give up and go with it. But then what of all that time I just spent getting it exactly the way I wanted it?

And speaking of that, obviously I’m fussy about color, so it’s no fun finally getting all the colors in the tonal range I want and then there’s that saved search collection header in the binder that seems to clash with just about every custom color scheme one might come up with. I couldn’t find any way to change that header in the preferences. IS there a way to change that? It’s pretty awful.

Thanks all!

If you are changing things in Preferences it only takes effect in a new project, possibly also in new documents, but not in the current. To change in the current you have to select all documents and change them, manually.

Interesting. Thanks.

After a while, though, it did seem to hold. And to apply to all other Scrivener projects, even those I’d saved with different formats. I had to go through and recreate those appearances and save the themes. Each time I open one, I have to select a theme. Not complaining about that, just had to figure it out.

I’m not at my “Scrivener” computer at the moment, but as far as I can remember, Claudia, what you need for “existing” documents is Documents > Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. (The reason that “existing” and “future” documents are treated differently in this way is to prevent you inadvertently destroying formatting that you’ve already applied - unless you want to.)