Saving auto-completion text via context menu from selected text

I select text in a document,
right click the mouse (RCM) to open the context menu,
drag the pointer to “Add Selection to Auto-Completion List”,

the text does not get added.
(The assigned keystroke – Ctrl+G, Ctrl+A – doesn’t add the text either.)

Typing the text onto the list directly through Project Settings does add the text.

(I’m in standard mode.)

Win 10 Pro x64; i7 32GB.

(The original Poster returns) :upside_down_face:

I found ‘the other app’ that also uses Ctrl+G, Logos, which I ‘always’ have open for its secular content –
The relevant Scrivener keystroke is a ‘chord’, Ctrl+G, Ctrl+A, which if done as two full sequences, gets interrupted by Logos. (Logos has a gazillion keystrokes.)

I’d not had the problem in Scrivener v1 because I very early on started doing all Ctrl+G … s as, e.g.,
Ctrl+G A and therefore did not encounter the conflict.

However, having recently updated to v3, I was diligently applying the keys as I was told.


That’l teach me :smiling_imp:

Interesting, both of these methods are working fine for me. I’m wondering if you try this in another project (the interactive tutorial from the Help menu for example, or just a quick throw-away test project using any template) if it works there? If so, there may be an issue with the internal settings in this project that we can take a closer look at. Was it upgraded from v1 by the way?

Upgraded from v1? Yes.

The ‘RCM select and Add’ works now; perhaps the intervening Nov update refreshed my installation? (There’s always the possibility of USER ERROR.)

(While you responded quickly and I VERY slowly (too slowly to really matter :hot_face:) … I greatly appreciate your responses … thx again.)

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No worries at all! I can wait however long it takes. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear things are working fine now.