Saving columns in Outliner view

Is there anyway to save the columns you want to view in Outliner view?

I uncheck the ones I do not use but if I switch to editor view to work on a document and then switch back to outliner view all columns are displayed rather than just the ones I selected.

Is there anyway for the outliner to remember which columns I used, even if it’s only for the session.

That kind of sounds like a bug. I can’t see if it works that way on the mac version at the moment, and the Hoopy Frood doesn’t remember if it works that way or not.

Just double checked on mine and the mac version. (With a hand from the Hoopy Frood.)

I unchecked a bunch of columns. I switched views a few times, and then ultimately closed the program and reopened it. Stuff that was unchecked stayed unchecked. Same with the mac version.

I’m using the version of 1.6 that Lee posted a few days ago that changed permissions on the installer. Maybe that’s the difference?

Thanks. Will uninstall/reinstall and see what happens.

Installing without uninstalling first seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks.