Saving Compile options

I never get all of my compile options set up perfectly the first time, so when I’m tweaking them, I load and save them over-and-over. The save part is what I’ve begun to find tedious…

Is there a way to update compile options for a previously saved set of options without typing the exact same name that I used before? Every time I want to update the compile options for “Custom NaNoWriMo”, I have to load that set from the drop-down list, then make my changes, click “save” and then I have to re-type the name “Custom NaNoWriMo”. I’d very much like to just pick that file from a list, or better yet, have Scrivener assume I want to over-write the set I loaded with a “Are you sure you want to overwrite ‘Custom NaNoWriMo’?” dialogue, and an option to change the name.

However I’ll be glad for any more convenient method for updating a compile set if the method exists.

Not a bad point, though I don’t think Scrivener stores the original preset anywhere where it could be recalled automatically. Some way of saving over an existing preset would probably be easier to implement. Whether or not this is something that comes up often enough to even be worth addressing though is something Keith will have to decide.

By the way, what I do when I’m building a preset and tweaking it is just call it ‘a’. :slight_smile: When I’m done, then I give it a fancy name.

I learned my lesson on naming them… My initial compile settings for blog entries is named “Blog”, but I have to believe that when I select “Custom NaNoWriMo” from the drop-down list, that Scrivener knows that I selected it at that point, and that it could be made to keep up with that info on a per-project basis. I can guess however, that it’s not as simple as it appears from this side of the User Interface.

Still, a drop-down window like I get when I click “load” (but with an extra text box for a new file name) would greatly enhance the “save” UI.

Maybe something to consider for for 2.1/post-WinScriv 2.0?