Saving compile settings

So, I’ve got my compile settings all set the way I like them. My question is: how do I save the settings as a custom preset so that I can just select it from the drop down menu and use it whenever I want?

I’ve moved this to technical support.

From that same menu where you select presets, scroll all the way down to the bottom and you’ll find an option to manage them. Click that, and now you should be able to make a preset out of your settings. You can choose between saving it to the project, or making it global so other projects can use it as well. Once you’ve made that decision, click the + button, give it a name, and you’re done!

I spent almost an hour working out my Structured Outline Compile settings on my desktop iMac, using the Scrivener Tutorial video. I saved the settings. However, the “preset” doesn’t appear to be available when I open Scrivener on my MacBook Air. Do I have to set this up on my Air as well? I thought it would at least be stored with the copy of my manuscript – which I keep on Dropbox and access from both computers. Should I have saved it as a Project Setting rather than a Global Setting? Any help would be appreciated.

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To copy a preset to another computer, use the “Export” button in the preset management window. This will create a simple file that you can move around between computers. Just use the opposing “Import” button on the second machine to bring it into Scrivener.

Outstanding! Works great. I had no idea it was such a simple solution.