Saving cursor position in files

Am I the only one who grumbles daily over the fact that Scrivener saves the cursor position in files FOREVER? I remember a while back when someone asked that they be saved when they flipped between views, fiddled with their binder, etc. Lee responded and since then I’ve grumbled.

I think the problem isn’t with the original request. Yes, it’s great to have it saved while you’re bouncing back and forth. But think about running through a 50 chapter novel, doing revisions. When you’re done, the cursor position is at the BOTTOM of every one of those files and it starts to drive you nuts as you continue working on the book.

In short, is there any way the cursor positions could be reset globally, or even when Scrivener closes? From my perspective either would solve the problem for me, and I’d bet I’m not alone.

Cheers — Larry


“Sigh”… You’re not the only one…

You are right in saying “forever”.
Even selected text remains now selected… forever

I confirm… :unamused: :laughing:

Just like you, I would be glad with a reset “on closing a project”…
But your idea of a “global reset” sounds good too…