Saving cursor position in Page View mode

Is there any news about this problem? Opening where I left off?

When I’m in page mode and switch between documents, I always have to scroll back to the end of the document, to find my last position. If I’m not in page mode, it takes me automatically to the the part of the document I was editing in the past session.

The linked thread refers to a six-year old beta version of Scrivener. What version do you have, and on what platform?

I have the latest Windows versión ( and the problem is still the same.

While this is indeed still an issue, do note the general purpose Edit ▸ Find ▸ Jump to Selection menu command (Ctrl+J) that negates the scrolling part of the problem at least (now, as to whether that command should jump the selection to the middle of the view rather than the very bottom, well that’s another outstanding problem).

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