Saving documents-in-progress?

Hi. I’ve downloaded the Scriv trial for NaNo, and have not found anything that specifies how to save a document. If I missed it in the manual, sorry; I did look.

In Microsoft Word 2010, I simply click “save” (which I’ve added to my ribbon) and my open document is saved (usually!) Scriv doesn’t have a Save button, so does the program automatically save without my needing to do anything, or do I need to click File then Save? I’d like some assurance that any document I work on can be saved whenever I want. Thanks for your help.

There is a save option under the file menu, alternatively, Scrivener uses the standard “Ctrl + S” as the default save keyboard shortcut. If you check the Tools > Options > General, you’ll see the autosave feature. By default, Scrivener will save your project after 2 seconds of you not typing, and will save when you close the program. You can also set it to create a separate backup file automatically under various situations.

Great, that’s exactly what I needed to know. Thanks bunches :slight_smile:

You might also want to check out the snapshot feature, from the documents menu. This will save a version of your selected document (listed in the document’s snapshot pane of the inspector), so if you decide you don’t like future changes, you can roll back to that copy, or just view it side by side with the newer version and copy and paste text out of it if you want.