Saving Documents.

This is a fantastic piece of software and I am so glad that I stumbled upon it.

I apologize if this has been covered before, but after an unpleasant experience with Microsoft’s new (and broken) version of word, which resulted in me losing a whole book, I am paranoid about backing up my files.

I understand that Scrivener backs up files automatically, and to the hard drive - but I want to back them us to my Google Drive also. This for added security, and also so that I can work on the file on both my pc and laptop.
An ideal solution for me would be for the program to automatically save to both my hard drive and the cloud drive and keep these synched.
So my first question is, is this possible?

When I saved my file as a back up to the google drive it made a folder (I understand why this is), however, when I came to refresh the saved file on the Google Drive, I was presented with the folder rather than the same file - so I am not sure how to save the work.

So my second question (eclipsed by the first one) is - how do I save a back up and then refresh this backup?

great software, looking forward to any help you can give me on this.


First; do not save project folders (the folder that ends in .scriv) to a google drive folder. There are known issues with GD and scrivener projects not living well together. Keep your “live” project somewhere else on your hard drive.

Second, go to Scrivener’s Tools->Options menu, and select the Backup tab. Move the backup folder to your google drive folder (or better yet, a sub-folder of GD). Make sure to have it .zip compress the backups, and for good measure, I recommend adding the date to the name of the backup file.

Look at the other backup options, and alter as you see fit.

Now you’ll have up to 25 date-stamped backups that will survive well on Google Drive; if you ever have need of one, copy the .zip file to a non-GD folder and extract the contents.

Thank you very much, that answered my question perfectly. :slight_smile:

Note that if you have it back up on closing the project, you can use the latest backup as a way to exchange between the two computers. That can be inconvenient though.

I have had good luck using Dropbox with a “live” project (but from the complaints on these forums, Google Drive is right out for this), so long as I follow both the letter and the spirit of the law as laid down in the manual under “Scrivener Everywhere”. Using GD as your backup destination and DB as your “live” sync server would also be safer (not keeping all your eggs in one basket) than keeping backups and live projects on the same sync service.

And if you wanted to use this link to sign up for Dropbox, then I’d get a little extra space for myself, which would be swell. :unamused: :smiley:

Thank you Sir, you are a gent. I take your point about Google, I will steer clear of it. I already have a dropbox account which I will clear out and use exclusively for the Scrivener files. Sorry I could not get you that bit of extra space, but my email is already on their system. :frowning:
My experience with Scrivener has been a dream - why did I put up with the rotten Microsoft rubbish for so long? Wish I could afford a Mac! :cry:
Thanks again for all of your help.

One thought does occur to me, and that is to ‘save as’ to the dropbox location. As I understand it, Scrivener now ‘relocates’ and if I hit just save it now saves to the dropbox file.
However, the backup files actually exist on my local hard drive.
This way I figure that I can work on different machines from the same dropbox file, safe in the knowledge that I have a back up on the local drive. This seems like a good solution to me - or is it bad?! :open_mouth: