Saving errors and crashing on 3.2.2

Version 3.2.2

While working I receive pop-ups that say
“There was a problem saving the project __. Not all recent edits could be saved. Files that could be recovered have been saved to… The project will now close.”

When I re-launch, the edits to the project are gone. Help!

Make sure the location you’re saving to has adequate space.

This message usually means that the operating system has thrown an error, in which case there isn’t much Scrivener can do.

One way this can happen is if you move the “current” project you’re working on to a USB drive – for instance with the Save As command – and then remove the drive.


I appreciate the response, but I’ve got 960 GB available. This is not a storage space issue. :frowning:

Yes, but are you sure that’s where the project is actually stored? And that Scrivener has permission to write to the specific location?



A couple of things to check.

Has the Mac got optimise storage enabled? Are Scrivener projects on the desktop or in the documents folder and being managed by iCloud?

Either of the above might be interfering with the save function. For example, optimise storage might be moving files off the Mac’s drive before Scrivener has finished writing to it.

The link below has advice on:

How to stop syncing Desktop and Documents folders in iCloud on your Mac

How to disable Optimze Storage on your Mac