Saving failure oddity

I’m feeling pretty sick after an apparent saving problem wiped out several hours of work on a project.

This is using Scrivener 2.3 on a Mac Pro running Mac 10.7.5. The project is based off of the short story template. I’ve been composing while viewing all documents within a folder. At the conclusion of my session, I clicked on the title of a single document in the binder. I pulled up placeholder text I’d written in there days prior, not the several hundred words I’d just written. In a panic, I switched back to the top-level view only to see every change in that document and others – gone.

I opened the Finder and navigated to the project file. It had not autosaved for two hours. When I switched views, all of the work done since that time was apparently undone. Poof.

The project is saved on an internal drive (the start-up drive). Time Machine was not active during this time. Backups also have not updated and did not save the lost material.

Is this a known bug? Do I need to make a habit of manually saving before switching binder views?

That sounds like an old bug that has been fixed in more recent versions, it would have been present in version 2.3 (which is a couple of years old now). It sounds like you’ve already checked the places where it could have possible been backed up, but since it is not present anywhere on the disk, including the project itself, I’m very sorry to say it’s been lost (with this bug, the stuff you wrote never went further than the text editor, there was never anything on the disk to back up). I would update Scrivener as soon as possible to avoid this happening again.