Saving files between different platforms?

I use Scrivener for MacOS on my laptop, but I also have a Windows desktop computer I’d like to start using it on. I know I need to purchase a new license for Windows, but will I be able to save the same projects to both platforms and use them interchangeably? I’m willing to buy the new license, but not if I can’t access my projects on both platforms.


Simplest way, with a free Dropbox account. Install the Dropbox app on both systems then save the project to a folder in the Dropbox folder on the systems. Will auto sync, just make certain the project is only ever open on one system at a time.

Other cloud systems can also work, (as long as no iOS involved) but DB is painless. iCloud is one I don’t recommend at present.

Make certain any backups you make are not saved to the same cloud service you use to sync projects.

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Yes. The projects are interchangeable.

Scrivener is not an online application, so as RuffPub mentioned, storing your projects on a cloud-sync service is the best way to go. I’d recommend having a look at the following article, Using Scrivener with Cloud-Sync Services / Cloud Syncing / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support, before attempting it so you know how to avoid syncing conflicts.