Saving files directly into Scrivener

Forgive me if this subject has been covered already, or if it is just painfully obvious how to do this, but is there a way to save a file (Word file, PDF file, whatever) directly into a Scrivener Project Binder folder? Or must one always save the document first (outside of Scrivener) and then import the file into the project using Scrivener.

That’s how it works. If you wish otherwise, drag the file to the references section where it is a reference rather than an inclusion.


Yes, you need to save them elsewhere first. Scrivener has to convert certain files on import - for instance, .doc files have to be converted (internally, by Scrivener) to .rtfd files for Scrivener to use them. Although .scriv projects are really UNIX packages (disguised folders), it is best to think of them as normal document files rather than as folders, as you cannot (or rather should not) modify them directly via the Finder.

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