Saving is annoying

Mac Pro L2015. macOS Sierra.

When I’m saving a small project (really small!) it takes 20 sec.! During saving time I am not able to do anything in app (I see beach ball of death). It’s really annoying.
Ive just reinstalled Scriv app, and it looks like nothing changed.

Is this a manual save (Cmd-S), or one of Scrivener’s automatic saves?

Please check the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Backups pane to see if you’ve configured Scrivener to perform a backup with each manual save.

Also, where is the project stored? On your local hard drive, or somewhere else?


Thanks for reply.

It doesn’t matter if I save manually or not. It always takes few seconds.
I save it on local hard drive (ssd) so as I assume it’s not a reason. Preferences also look fine.

Hmm. What version of Scrivener do you have?

If you’re not manually saving, are you sure that saving is the cause of the delay? I ask because there are a couple of things that can potentially cause delays, so saving might be a red herring.


I always use the latest version (at this moment:

When I save manually (CMD+S) the delay occurs immediately.

The delay occurs only when I save text with few comments (at this moment: 7 comments) [at least one comment?]. If I save text without comments or footnotes (there cannot be even deleted comments: if I remove all text with comments and write some plain text, delay will occur) everything looks fine.

Hmm. How much free space do you have on the hard drive?

Internally, comments are saved in a separate file from the main text. Which shouldn’t matter, but clearly does.

What else is running on the system? Any third party backup or drive “cleaning” utilities? Dropbox or any similar services?


I have a lot of free space (and project as I wrote is really small).

I turned off Dropbox but it changes nothing. Additionally there is no special app running on my mac.

I don’t see any delay in other app.