Saving is SLOW

I apologize if I am repeating what others have already noted.

I’m running Scrivener 2.7 (26016) on a MacBook Air running El Capitan (10.11.1). Since the most recent update of Scrivener, saving (Cmd + s) any document/project takes a very long time, sometimes about two minutes. For example, I am working on a document now that is only 26 pages long and has few resources in the project. When I saved changes recently with cmd + s it took close to two full minutes before the spinning rainbow wheel disappeared and I was able to resume work.

Any ideas what’s going on?

So on my most recent save, I put the stopwatch to it to see actually how long it is taking for the spinning rainbow wheel to go away: 5 minutes 56 seconds and 96 100ths.

Please help me. I have a deadline looming on this project.

This happens when you invoke the File->Save menu or the CMD-S shortcut to it, right? Note that Scrivener automatically commits your work to your hard drive whenever you pause for a couple of seconds, so unless you get these long saves when you type a little into an editor and then pause, you must have the File->Save (aka “Manual Save”) set to do something else. There are settings to have it invoke the automatic backup process (I believe that’s set under Preferences->Backup as a check-box for “back up on each manual save” or similar). It can also take snapshots of all the documents modified since the last time you ‘manually save’. That is under “General” in the Preferences window, in the “Saving” section.

If you’re using both of those features, and invoking a manual save very frequently, then you may have hundreds, maybe even thousands of snapshot copies of at least some of your documents, which would make your backup files potentially large.

Take a look at the backup folder (Preferences->Backup has a button to open that folder in the Finder), and take a look at the size of your project’s backups.

Other things that can make a backup big (and therefor slow to create) is if you just have really big files imported into your project (maybe pictures or PDFs that are themselves rather large).

In any event, if you turn off the invocation of automatic backups every time you manually save, or break yourself of doing that too frequently, then you should be able to continue working without undue interruptions… assuming that the automatic saves that happen when you pause aren’t causing these 5 minute pauses.

Good luck!

rdale—THANK YOU!