Saving items issue

Hi, I just purchased the software and I’m having issues saving things. In two video tutorials I viewed the options in the dropdown menu were “documents” and “My manuscript.” The only option I have in the dropdown menu is a save as type option with "scrivener projects (*.scriv) being the only choice. Any suggestions on how to save things elsewhere? Thanks.

What is it you are trying to save precisely? The project itself, which it sounds like you have already created, is going to be saving everything you type into the project window automatically, you don’t have to manually save individual texts within it.

If you haven’t already done so, there is a full tutorial in the Help menu that is worth going through, at least the first part of it.


Thanks! I guess I’m wondering how to change where it says ‘save as file type’ and gives the option ‘scrivener projects (*.scriv)’ to where to save and then choose documents or somewhere else. Sorry that it’s such a basic thing, but I can’t seem to get started writing stuff.

Oh you mean you picked the wrong place when you made the project and want to move it? Sure, that’s easy enough to do, and you don’t need anything fancy, it’s much like anything else, such as moving a .docx file: you use File Explorer.

As with most things though, you want to make sure the project is closed when you do it, and Scrivener is a little different in that it uses a folder for each project. So you want to drag the whole folder when you move it. Some people think they should only move pieces of it, and that makes a mess.

There is a section in the user manual if you need more detail, in §5.1.5, Moving and Deleting Projects.