Saving layouts

Will it be possible to save layouts in future versions? I like different configurations depending if I’m writing drafts or editing?

I believe saving layouts was possible in the Mac 1.5x versions.

If I understand correctly, Scrivener for Windows can already do this. Click “Tools > Options” and define your configuration… layout is set in the “Editor” tab. Once you have your layout and other configurations the way you want, click the “Manage” button on the bottom left of the window, then “Save Preferences…” where you will be able to save your preferences to a “*.prefs” file. To load a saved layout, click “Load Preferences…” and load from the preference file you want.

Note that when you save or load preferences, when your return to the “Load/Save Preferences…” window it will try to open in the last directory you loaded or saved preferences from. So it may be helpful to save all your preferences files in a single directory to avoid the need to browse to different directories to find the preference file you want.

Loading a preference file will not automatically reformat your files. If you want to reformat existing files from a newly loaded preferences file, select the “files” you want to format (Ctrl+A to select all - Ctrl+Click to manually select “files”), then click “Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default Text Style”.

teramonger the prefs you are referring are text formatting. We are talking about the organisation of editor windows when you split them horizontally or vertically, or even if you want to show the binder or inspector.

From what I see about how settings are maintained, I would guess they’ll be adding the ability to save layouts from within the program. In the meantime, here is a workaround that might not be too bad and which might serve your purposes. While it seems to work with most of the program layout, it does not allow you to save different toolbars.

The layouts look to be saved on a per project basis, and are saved in the “Settings” sub-directory of the project’s folder. The workaround:

Setup a layout the way you want and close the program. Then go into the project folder and rename the “Settings” folder to something like “Settings - First Draft”.

Open Scrivener. The layout will have reverted to program defaults. Setup a second profile, close the program, go into the project folder and rename the “Settings” folder to something like “Settings - Editing”.

To use a one of your layouts, close the program and replace the “Settings” folder with a copy of the appropriate custom settings folder.

While these settings are saved on a per project basis, copying from one project to another seems to work fine.

I don’t know how it is done in the Mac version, but what seems ideal to me would be to create layout configs and be able to set each file in the project to the desired layout.

The Layouts Manager will be coming, but I’m not sure it’s going to make it into 1.0. It will be handled as it is in the Mac versions, so you’ll be saving your project interface settings–which toolbars are visible, what columns are open in the outliner, whether you have a split editor or single, etc.–and you’ll be able to save different configurations and switch between them easily. The layout applies to the project window as a whole, so it’s not on a per-document basis within the project, although it is per-project (though the layouts are shared among all your projects, so you can create a layout in one and then use it in another). And it switches within the program, of course, so you can change to different layouts in the course of working.