Saving/Loading Compile Presets

I have a Scrivener file that contains a number of components (front matter, chapters, scenes, etc.). What I want is to set up different sets of include settings depending on the content and type of output document that I’m trying to build. (For example: settings for PDF vs. EPUB, publishing sets of chapters as individual parts of the whole work with their own covers and title pages, etc.) I had assumed that the “presets” feature would allow for doing that.

Unfortunately, nothing changes in the “include” settings when I save or load a preset. As a result, I have to go checking and unchecking dozens of individual boxes every time I want to change which product I’m compiling.

Am I doing something wrong, or was I mistaken in my assumption that this was something I would be able to do in Scrivener? If it matters, I’m using the Windows version of the program.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

The Include settings are more about what you want compiled. The compile presets are more about how you want your output compiled instead.

Scrivener supports a front matter feature that attempts to solve the problem of compiling to different formats. You will find some info on section 23.5.2 Front Matter of the manual. There’s also an example on the Novel project template.

Have you gone through the Tutorial yet? Besides easing your learning curve in general, it has a section which visits the front matter topic.

Hope this helps!

You can also set up a collection (so a different subset of documents for each different format you wish to output) and then set that collection as the compile group.

The compile group sounds like what I’m looking for. I’ll read up on it. Thanks!

I don’t see “Compile Group” as an option in the program. Is this a Mac-only feature?

A collection may be a good way to go too, but IMHO only for very simple binder structures. It has the disadvantage of compiling everything as a flat list and not letting you take advantage of all the multi level formatting settings. :exclamation:

Nope, it’s for both platforms, and it comprises the set of documents to be compiled (defined at the Compile| Contents tab). See section 23.5 Contents of the manual for details, or the Other Stuff You Might Want to Know section of Help| Interactive tutorial.

Thanks. I was just starting to read up on collections, but from your description it’s definitely not what I want.

Thanks again. Somehow, it turned out that I had saved and was reading the wrong copy of the manual – v2.6 for Mac, which didn’t even have a section 23.5 (it ended with section 23.2). I made sure to get the correct one this time (v1.8 for Windows, Jan 2015). I imagine that will make my attempts to make sense of it a little less frustrating! :blush:

Remember that the manual is automatically installed along with Scrivener, you don’t need to worry about downloading it as a separate document, particularly since it may lead you to a regrettable confusion. :confused:

And as with many other Windows programs, it is invoked on the Help menu, or simply by typing F1.

Oh, I know. What I think happened is that I’d launched the correct one from Scrivener, then did a web search that brought up the wrong one in a browser, and lost track of which was which. I wanted to save a copy of the pdf on my desktop to browse without having to re-launch the program and must have done it from the wrong window.