Saving : minor : Produced RTF does not import into Mellel

I tried to export the tutorial to an RTF and import it into Mellel with no success. Mellel gave an error: “Unexpected non-hex character”. It imported the Word format document just fine, but did not seem to handle the footnote/annotation bit the way you would expect (I opened another thread for that).


/me cringes.

Huh. I can’t reproduce this. I just exported the tutorial to RTF and it opened in Mellel with no problems. Did you make any changes? What export options did you use? What version of Mellel are you using?

Okay, some specifics:

Export settings:

All elements of the draft were included, including groups. This was done by clicking “Include All”. I manually de-selected the groups later, but the produced RTF still had a fault.

Yes, I have made a few extremely minor changes to the Tutorial file. And it appears that whatever changes I made are what is causing the problem. I just re-downloaded a fresh copy of Tutorial.scriv, and it imports fine using the default settings and the settings shown above.

So! here is the dirty tutorial.

And, Mellel version: 2.0.8 (build 3)

Thanks - I actually just managed to reproduce the bug before reading your new post. Have you tried restarting Scrivener and exporting again? At the moment it seems that sometimes I get the problem and sometimes I don’t and it seems random…

Anyway, I will carry on looking for it. This and the full screen scroller bug are killing me…

Yep, there you go… I just exported the tutorial you sent me to RTF with those exact settings… And it opened flawlessly in Mellel! This is an erratic one…

Another update: the files that won’t open in Mellel open fine in Nisus Writer and MS Word… It seems that Mellel is a little fickle. Hmm…

Ugh, yeah. Restarting Scrivener cleared it up for me, too. And yes, I suppose I did not make it clear that this “bad RTF” opened up just fine in everything else. And did I mention that I opened up the “bad RTF” in BBEdit and searched for this abomination only to find nothing? At least, the normally trusty “Zap Gremlins…” feature did not discover it.

Well, I’ll keep watching for actions in Scrivener that might lead to this happening. I just tried a whole bunch of things that I know I did in the past few hours, to no avail.

Yeah, I went through the RTF in TextWrangler (I love TextWrangler) and found nothing… I’ll go through the export code… Did it happen after you had played around with the various export options? I’m wondering if something got stuck.

I don’t think that is it. Fiddling with the settings was one of the first things I tried. I deleted by Scrivener preferences, opened up a fresh copy of Tutorial.scriv, and duplicated my exact steps from the first time. Clean copy produced. Is there any such thing as an RTF validator, like W3 has an HTML validator? Perhaps it would reveal something of interest that is invisible to a text editor.

Hmm, I don’t know, I’ll look for one… When I said export options, I also meant the format options, such as HTML etc, though I don’t see how that would have any effect. I’ve just come across another minor (unrelated) bug that cropped up whilst looking into this, which is holding me up on tracking down this one down…

I get the same thing with Mellel, for combinations BUT the default ones (which was fine), but, can import all the RTFs to Journler with no problem.


I think Journler uses Cocoa’s built-in RTF engine, like Scrivener, whereas Mellel rolls their own.


I posted an inquiry on the Mellel forum. We’ll see what they say.

Hmm - the RTF engine shouldn’t matter, because the RTF format is independent of the engine used to view it. Did you get an error where Mellel couldn’t open the file? If so, if you close Scrivener and reopen, then export again with exactly the same options, does it work?

If so, if you could track down the exact steps in Scrivener that lead up to the bug where the export gets messed up, I would be very grateful. At the moment, I’m not sure whether this is a Scrivener or Mellel bug - certainly these documents seem to open fine in Nisus and Word. Perhaps Mellel is a little more fussy. I do want S. to work seamlessly with Mellel, though, as Mellel is my choice of WP these days, too.

Thank you for the response. Yes, Mellel would not open the file, with the same error as the OP. However, when I re-open Scrivener, I now get no errors. If I observe this again, I will write out the exact steps. Strange, this problem…

Yes, it’s on my list for investigation. I think a minor bug in Scrivener gets some exception to get thrown internally which then messes up the export. I have not been able to track it down yet (and I have spent quite a lot of time on it).

…And I’m spending more time on it right now, and I can’t get it to happen again. Very annoying. If anyone out there can find the exact steps that will reproduce this bug, I would be very grateful.

QUESTION: Did this bug occur after you had updated a project from SG format? There is definitely a bug that occurs after updating an SG project and then trying to export a draft, which I have just tracked down - and this is the same bug that occurred at the same time as the Mellel-export bug happened for me way back when this topic was began. So far, I still haven’t got the Mellel bug to re-occur, but it could well be that these are related.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that, it wasn’t the SG import that was the problem - that just put the project into a state that could cause the bug. The bug would happen if you tried to export the draft whilst there was no inspected document - that is, if the inspector was blank (for instance, if you had the Draft or Trash folder selected). This would throw an internal assertion failure. This could have been the cause of the Mellel-export bug, but I don’t know. I need to test a little more…