Saving : minor : Produced RTF does not import into Mellel

As for me, I did not upgrade from SG to S, so I cannot say. However, I tried exporting with the Trash folder selected, but cannot replicate - it exports fine.

What is the “Export Annotations as RTF Comments” doing? Where do those comments go, for example if I am looking at Redler… ?


This option uses the RTF comment convention, instead of embedding the annotation into the actual text stream itself. In other words, they remain a discrete type of data, as annotations are in Scrivener. The only problem is that, on the Mac anyway, there does not seem to be any applications that correctly read RTF comments, except for Microsoft Word. Word turns them into something a bit like margin notes (at least, they did the last time I looked at Word, years ago). So, it is nice if Word is in your workflow, otherwise, you’ll want to embed them into the text, where they will show up [color=red][Highlighted in red, and surrounded by brackets, like so.]

Correction: They show up in the colour used by Scrivener to show annotations. By default, this is red, but if you change an annotation to violet, it will appear in violet upon export, too.

I couldn’t replicate either - this does not mean that it’s not related, necessarily, however, as these sort of bugs can cause random problems, which means it’s not guaranteed to cause the same issue each time. However, this is still definitely one to keep an eye on and I would be grateful if anyone tracked down this for definite.

Anyway, AmberV has already explained the RTF comment thing - indeed, Word is the only app that seems to open RTF comments. Even Pages doesn’t do it, which is rather poor given that it has comments and you would think that they would want to import Word documents in full…

Hum, interesting! OK, I’ll just keep them inline if I need to have them in there, or, just use Word to save an intermediate of the RTF before formatting in something I like to use.

I am really Word-averse after all these years of using it and getting salt poured in my wounds after so many crashes and losing days of work DESPITE backing up. Ugh. Sorry for the Rant!

Yeah, Word seems buggier on the Mac than on Windows, even though it is supposed to be better. It’s a shame other RTF readers don’t make use of the RTF comments, which are a well documented part of the RTF format.

At least Scrivener will be ready once they do start supporting them. I know that at least Redlers has the request in their docket. Who knows what Apple has for Pages.