saving my scrivener projects on or

Hello everyone.
I would like to begin “storing” my projects on the Internet instead of my local computer. I am a “total beginner” even though I have been using the program over a year, and have a lot of important, impossible to replace data on it.

Is there an easy way to save and “train” my scrivener to always go to the amazon or google drive when I search “recent projects” I can easily find the cop that is on the internet.

I prefer amazon drive if there is no difference.

Thank you. I have the latest version of scrivener 3

Don’t do that, please.

Scrivener expects that the entire contents of your project is stored on your local disk. Attempting to store it in the cloud is quite likely to cause problems. Among other things, you will load the master index file, but because the rest of the project isn’t downloaded yet, the component files will appear to be empty.

Now, you can store projects with a ‘cloud’ service, such as Dropbox or iCloud, which replicates the contents of a folder to a remote drive. In this case, there is a local copy and a remote copy, and synchronization software ensures that the two stay the same. If you choose to use such a service, please review our best practices to reduce the risk of synchronization errors, here: … c-services

Please note that we do NOT recommend Google Drive specifically, as it has known issues with the multi-document Scrivener project format.

If the goal is data protection, rather than synchronization, though, a better choice would be a backup service such as BackBlaze. The difference is that a backup service creates a static, remote copy of your data. Nothing that happens on your local system will change it. A synchronization service attempts to keep multiple copies in sync, which means that a disaster on the local system will replicate to all other versions at internet speeds.


PS I deleted your other post to avoid duplicate threads.