Saving Program Data before a Factory Reset on Mac

I have a virus on my Mac that requires me to do a complete factory reset. I can easily export my projects in PDF, but I am worried about the remainder of the data in the program, such as the character board, plot matter, etc.

If I export my computer’s data to a hard drive, will all of these components be saved and safely transferred over after the hard reset?

I am nervous to pull the trigger on resetting the computer before I get some reassurance, haha!

Hi MaryGenevieve. I’d suggest using the File > Back Up > Back Up To... command in your project.

On the panel that opens, you can select where this backup will be saved to direct it to the external hard drive.

If you tick the “Back up as ZIP file” box on that panel, Scrivener will save it as a compressed ZIP so it takes less room.

When you bring that ZIP file back to your Mac after reinstalling, you can have your anti-virus tools scan the project after you unzip it.

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Thank you SO much; this was extremely helpful.

Also, this article explains how to backup your Preferences and other data that isn’t part of a project: Installing on Additional Computers / macOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support