Saving program preferences AFTER previous beta expired?

Hi all,

I installed Beta 11 for use during Nanowrimo, and haven’t logged into it since December 1st.

Today I downloaded the latest Beta (12), and went to save my program preferences. However, I just get the message about the original being expired and to download a newer beta.

Is there any way to save my program preferences other than through the program itself, or did I wait too long, and have to start from scratch?


Beta 12 should use the same preferences file that Beta 11 did. So everything should be as you left it once you get the new beta running.

Exceptions would be if there are any specific preferences that have changed (enabled/disabled/new default), but you don’t want to keep an entry for a preference that no longer exists anyway.


So in this circumstance I should not uninstall the prior beta then?


What I would do:

Install beta 12 on top of beta 11, that is without deleting the previous beta.

Save preferences.

Delete the Scrivener beta and reinstall.

Reload preferences.