Saving Projects - Showstopper!

I have a new Mac mini (M1 2020) running Big Sur 11.5.1.

I did a fresh (clean!) installation of all of my favorite programs. Then I connected it to my favorite cloud drives and was ready to get to work. That is when I ran into a showstopper problem that I never have encountered before.

When I try to save (File, Save As) one of my Scrivener projects I get the following error message: There was a problem saving a copy of the project. Check that you have enough free disk space and the correct permissions to save to the chosen location. The project will now close.

This happens no matter which drive I choose. It is a brand new system, so there is plenty of disk space. I followed default settings for my installed software and don’t think I did anything weird.

I have been searching the web for solutions to this issue and have not found anything that fixes it yet.

Can you please offer any suggestions that you might have?

Thanks, Rich Bohn

Firstly, you have Scrivener in the Applications folder?

Second, what folder are you attempting to save the project to? It is on the local machine?

Is it auto saving the project? You don’t specify, but I’m assuming so?

Why are you doing a Save As? (Generally not recommended as day to day process)

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Another possibility, since you say you did a clean install of all your programs, you may really have a disk permissions issue on your drives. The MacOS app Disk Utility has a feature for fixing that. I think the command is called First Aid or Repair or something like that, and may vary by your particular version of MacOS.

Did you do a new install of Scrivener from a fresh download? Is Scrivener able to create new projects successfully? In the chosen location?

Yes and yes

As I have worked on this it appears to be a problem with previously saved files.

Thanks for trying to help! L&L support bowed out!

Rich Bohn

Uh, I am L&L support.

If you opened a support query and didn’t get a response, please check your junk mail folder to make sure our responses are actually getting through.

If the issue only affects existing projects, it’s almost certainly a permissions issue. More information here: Fixing Permissions for Read-Only Projects / macOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

I got a response. It did not solve the problem. I also asked a specific question about your recommended file structure and you passed on that one. Most of us are totally reliant on Scrivener these days. Excellent support is essential.

Thanks, Rich Bohn

I believe the person handling your ticket has now sent an additional response. Have you seen it?