Saving research among projects

I have many pieces of research that I would like to have available across multiple projects. Is there anyway to save this research into Scrivener one time and be able to access it from the different projects for which it is needed? Thank you.

If all of your research is in one folder outside of Scrivener–which is probably a good idea if you’re accessing and maybe modifying it across different Scrivener projects–the cheap way to do this is to select the entire contents of the folder and drop it into the project references pane in the inspector.

Thank you Liz. All my research is outside of Scrivener, but, there is a lot of it. I was hoping for a way to bring it in once and make it universally available rather than having to repeat what will be a time consuming task for each project that requires it. But, if the functionality doesn’t exist I shall not waste time over milk waiting to be spilled…lol. Onwards and upwards by all means necessary!

Thanks again for your input and have a great day.