Saving & Reusing Project Settings

As all users of Scrivener know, there are countless project options, configuration settings, and attributes available for any user to set as he or she sees fit. My question is this (and apologies in advance if it has already been discussed and answered): What is the simplest way to create a new project and copy into it all the settings and options (fonts, colors, formatting, meta-data settings, etc. etc.) from a previous project?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Dick Keaton

Save the previous project as a template: File -> Save As Template.

That command will save everything from the previous project, including text. So you’ll probably need to do some pruning first.


Keep in mind also that some settings–everything you set in Tools > Options–are global to the program and will affect all your projects. Default editor formatting for new documents is the big one here. That isn’t dictated by a project template; only documents that are saved as part of the template will have specific formatting. So if you have particular formatting you want for documents that’s going to vary from project to project, you might want to create a model document in the template with some dummy text formatted the way you like; you can then use duplicate that to produce new documents in the project with the same formatting or use the Copy/Paste Ruler/Formatting commands to quickly apply the formatting to documents later.

You can also save your options settings and later reload them via the “Manage” button in the Options dialogue, so you could also just save a few configurations that you use regularly there and then swap them in and out as necessary, if you tend to work on a single project at a time. (It’s not a bad idea to save your preferences anyway, once you’re happy with them, in case you end up changing things around or needing to reset something and want to go back to your earlier settings.)

Many thanks for the responses. That clears up several areas of confusion for me (no small task).

Thanks again,