Saving search as collection

I am unable to save search as a collection when selection in the Binder is checked. Is that by design? It will be very useful to save it as a collection when I am limiting my search to a particular folder. Not sure, why it is deemed.


Yes, that option does disable the ability to save a search as a collection (this limitation is mentioned in a footnote in §10.2.4, Saved Search Result Collections, pg. 227). That said, there is nothing stopping you from assigning this criteria to a saved search collection after it has been created (this is an “advanced” technique and thus requires an additional step, as the result may be confusing if one does not consider the implications of saving a collection this way):

  1. Design the search the way you want, leaving the current selection flag off.
  2. Save your dynamic search collection.
  3. The binder view will switch to the search collection. In the Project Search field, click the magnifying glass and set the “Search Binder Selection Only” flag.

The collection will now only show search results from those items you have selected in the binder. Do note however this uses an approach that is the most feasible and simplest interpretation for this setting: the current binder selection is what the collection will search within, not whatever happened to be selected whenever the option was first enabled. So given how you stated your question, it may not do precisely what you want.


That will work. One more step but it does what I want. Thank you!