"Saving search indices" never stops

I’m running Scrivener 2.9 (26317)* on a Retina MacBookPro, 15", Late 2013, 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, OS X 10.13.6. I routinely have trouble quitting the app because the “Saving search indices” process never ends. This usually entails me “force quitting” the app. My .scriv file is ca. 8 GB in size. I have trashed and reinstalled the app. Any other suggestions on how to fix this problem?

*I know there is a newer version, but I have to use 2.9 because I’m running the app on an old machine as well as on my MacBookPro.

A stalled search indexing routine usually indicates some content within the project is halting it. This can be anything from a bad PDF to an unexpected Unicode character. Since the tool prints out the name of what it is attempting to index, you may be able to try exporting and deleting that one item from the binder (don’t forget to empty the trash as well) and see if it runs any better.

At 8gb it is probably always going to be a long process (unless most of that is video/photo), but once you do get a clean run without force quitting, you shouldn’t see it so often.

Thanks for the help. Sorry to be ignorant, but to what “tool” are you referring?

No worries. By tool I mean the progress bar showing the state of indexing, it should show the name of what it is trying to index.