Saving something to Research folder on iOS?


I bought and downloaded Scrivener for iOS immediately after it became available and am excited about it. I fully agree with all the praise that has been heaped on everyone involved at L&L!

Having played around with a few projects, one question arose which I could not solve yet, so thanks for any ideas / definitive answers: is it possible to save something (say an HTML file from a browser like Safari or a pdf file from any source) to the Research folder in a project?

All the content in the Research folder in existing projects sync’ed flawlessly. However, I wonder whether I can add to the Research folder when using Scrivener for iOS. I expected there to be e.g. a “sheet” that can be invoked via the share button, but I see no Scrivener option added to that.

Am I missing anything? Or is this not (yet?) possible? It would be great to have as without that option I could use Scrivener for iOS only in the “production” phase of a project (when I am writing), not also in the “conception” phase when I am going back and forth between writing down ideas and doing research.

Many thanks for any help!



Hi Andreas,

Thanks for the kind words!

First, be sure to navigate into the Research folder on iOS.

Then, tap the import button at the bottom of the binder - the square with the downwards arrow pointing into it.

This will allow you to choose files from Dropbox, iCloud and Photos that you can import into Scrivener.

You can also use “Open In” from other apps that support it to bring files into Scrivener.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Thanks, Keith, for the almost instantaneous answer – and thanks for the hint! Brilliant – I overlooked it. So may I suggest you add a little note to the Tutorial project at the appropriate place, i.e. In the discussion of the Research folder?

And again my warmest compliments. The wait was long, but the result SO justifies the strategy you chose, namely to take matters into your own hand!

I just checked - Scrivener for iOS is no. 5 on the German app store, and already no. 35 of the top grossing apps. I hope lots of money are flowing L&L’s way – you deserve every penny, cent etc. of it.

Keep up the good work!



Many thanks for the kind words! And that’s great about the position in the German App Store - I hadn’t checked that!

I’ll definitely consider adding a note to the tutorial.

Thanks and all the best,