Saving something to Research folder on iOS?

Hello everyone,
I bought and downloaded Scrivener for iOS immediately after it became available and am excited about it. I fully agree with all the praise that has been heaped on everyone involved at L&L!

Having played around with a few projects, one question arose which I could not solve yet, so thanks for any ideas / definitive answers: is it possible to save something (say an HTML file from a browser like Safari or a pdf file from any source) to the Research folder in a project?

All the content in the Research folder in existing projects sync’ed flawlessly. However, I wonder whether I can add to the Research folder when using Scrivener for iOS. I expected there to be e.g. a “sheet” that can be invoked via the share button, but I see no Scrivener option added to that.

Am I missing anything? Or is this not (yet?) possible? It would be great to have as without that option I could use Scrivener for iOS only in the “production” phase of a project (when I am writing), not also in the “conception” phase when I am going back and forth between writing down ideas and doing research.

Many thanks for any help!



It’s just a bit convoluted. Scrivener has no idea which project you want to add the research to—even if you only have one project, the Tutorial project is always there.

So, use the “Copy” sheet in Safari, switch to Scrivener, select the intended research folder, and tap the “Import” icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Tap the “Web Page” item in the pop-over menu, then paste in the URL you captured in the Copy sheet. If you’re on an iPad, you can just keep scrivener open in a screen split to make this easy.

Hope this helps!

I always put PDF’s of webpages in my projects (both on Mac and iOS).
There are multiple ways to do this. The one I use most is, if you want to have the correct name of the webpage added automatically to the PDF:

  1. First open Scrivener and go to the Project and folder where you want the Research to end up in. This makes it easier afterwards.

  2. Open the web page in Safari. Go to the share sheet and use the ‘Print’ Option.

  3. You’ll see a preview underneath your options, which you can make bigger by pinching in.

  4. Now use the share sheet again and choose: Copy to Scrivener.

  5. The PDF will open in Scrivener, in the folder we were, normally with the correct name.

(You can use a quicker save to PDF command in the share sheet of Safari, my step 2, without going to the Print option and the pinching thing, but then you just get a pdf with a name like ‘Safari_timestamp_203T8T24T’-ish.