Saving text-based languages without having to switch every time

Hi! I’m a translator and use Scrivener for writing in English and German, meaning I also use 2 different text-based languages that I change in the settings. I noticed that, for some reason, changing the language doesn’t get saved in the files themselves but the whole software, meaning if I have selected German for my German book, it will keep German as the language even if I open my latest English book file where I have previously selected English as the language. That means, I always have to switch the languages manually because the file doesn’t save it. And then another problem occurs: Words that I’ve added manually to the dictionary are suddenly marked again with red lines because apparently, the software bugs around every time you switch languages. The only solution is to re-start the file, then it “recognizes” the words that were manually saved to the dictionary (not every time though - very annoying). In case there’s a solution I haven’t figured out yet, pls let me know.

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Hi :slight_smile:
You are not the only one with this issue. Many users are bilingual. (Myself writing most of the time in French, sometimes in English.)
Basically, for the wish list, it would be to have the dictionary setting to be saved per project rather than as a general setting of the software itself.
This way, your German projects would always load up the German dictionary, English projects, the English dictionary.
You set it up once for the project and voilà, it’s done.

→ Given the fact that each project runs his own instance of Scrivener, I suppose that this is something the developer(s) could come up with in the future.

Here is a similar thread:

P.S. As for a solution (although that’s probably a very very bad idea), I suppose one could experiment with having two separate installs of Scrivener. (I haven’t and I won’t.)


Thank you, Vincent. I rather not try that solution. I may loose projects. I thought of working with English only on my Mac, and with Bulgarian on my Windows laptop. But this is not a solution as I write in French sometimes too. And I sometimes I need to use only my Windows laptop, when I do translations - the CAT tools are not available for MAC, at least SDL Studio.

Just for the fun of it (and with very low expectations), this morning I tried to merge two dictionaries into a single one by opening them in the notepad and copy pasting their content.
To my surprise, nothing exploded.
But I couldn’t get that new Frenglish dictionary to appear in the list of downloaded dictionaries…

:smiley: I’d rather not do that and hope Scrivener will do some updates here soon :wink:


If I remember the format of the files correctly, there are ways to do that, but it would be a little more involved than just a simple copy and paste.

Hmm… How involved are we talking about ?

Love Scrivener and discovering it but it is odd working in a monolingual environment.

Absolutely - saving dictionaries and applying them to a page or selected text.
Anyone else use Antidote from Druide Informatique?

You could run Scrivener in a virtual machine set to German while the physical machine is set to English, for example. Using Parallels on my Mac, I could use both at the same time and copy material from one to the other. Dropbox sync would enable me to edit parts of a project in English, close it, switch to the virtual machine, edit in German, etc.

I think that could be a very flexible solution.

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